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The temple built in the Ming Yongle eighteen years (1420), is the Ming and Qing dynasties emperor "worship" "prays the valley" of the place, located at Zhengyangmen outside. North South altar domain is circular, square, meaning "tianyuandifang". The altar in the main building of the hall of prayer for good harvests, Huang dry palace, Huanqiu, Huang Qiong Yu, fasting palace, beamless hall, promenade, bicyclic Wanshou Pavilion and the echo wall, three sound stones, big dipper stone monuments.

Tiantan has a double wall, the formation of internal and external altar. The main building, the altar, the Circular Mound Altar in the south, altar Valley in the north, two places with a north-south axis. "The altar Valley", for the spring to pray for a good harvest, the center building is qiniandian. "The Circular Mound Altar", specifically for the "winter solstice" day of worship, center building is a huge round of Shitai, "the name of". Two places which are connected by Danbi bridge.

West gate on the south side of a "vegetarian Palace", is the residence of the emperor worship before fasting. The altar is in charge of "God Music Department", teaching and performance of the ritual music.